8 Outfits With Wide Jeans That Make You Look Slim And Neat

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Wide jeans are a garment that we should all have. Not only because they are fashionable, but because they are quite versatile, they can be used on different occasions and with different styles. Also, another plus point for this garment is that when you wear them you can look slimmer, which is great.

If you have one or are thinking of buying one, you may be wondering how to combine it, but that’s what we’re here at trendy fashion style for woemn special outfits. Meet these 8 outfits with wide jeans that make you look slim and neat.

1- Autumn afternoon

This first outfit is beautiful, it immediately evokes those seasons of the year when it is colder, like autumn. Although this outfit has many components, without a doubt the jean steals part of the show, looking fantastic and combining perfectly.

As can be seen, it is a good idea to incorporate a belt to complement it. Ideally, this should combine with the other garments. You can use different accessories and a wide variety of colors, because these jeans go with everything.

2- Casual Long Sleeve

There are days when you want to look casual, but at the same time combine it with an element that is a little more formal. Such is the case of this outfit, where all the elements are very everyday, except for the long-sleeved top.

This contrast is magnificent, not to mention that wearing long sleeves, black clothing and wide jeans is the perfect combination to look slimmer.

3- Jean and button down shirt

On the other hand, if you want to use jeans as a component of a more formal outfit, you have many elements you can play with to achieve this. Such is the case of this outfit, where you can perfectly combine the use of wide jeans with high-heeled sandals and a button-down shirt.

Ideal for those days when you have to attend a dinner in a nice place, without it being the height of formality.

4- Jeans and trench coat

This outfit is phenomenal, because it combines elements that are usually considered formal with others that are not. It generates a contrast that, in addition to being authentic, is very avant-garde. Precise for those who enjoy alternative or hipster fashion.

The trench coat gives a very striking and formal touch to the outfit, while the jeans and sneakers keep it casual.

5- Fresh shirt and jeans

But on days where the temperature is higher, you can also wear some nice wide jeans. This option is perfect, since the shirt is Kancan shorts and does not have half sleeves. The truth is that this outfit looks quite fresh, not only because of the shirt, but the play with the shades of white creates such an impression. It is something ideal to go shopping or spend an afternoon with your friends.

6- Semi-formal

Continuing with the formal line, this outfit does intend to be formal with more impetus. Some people think that blazers are not the best friend of jeans, but here we think they are, and this outfit is proof of it. If you need to attend a meeting that is not too stuffy but needs some formality, this is the option. It is worth highlighting the beautiful “crow’s foot” print of the blazer, which combines very well with the simplicity of the wide-leg jean.

7- Jean suit

A classic option, but one that is hardly taken into account today, is to combine two jean garments in a single outfit. But this can look great, if you know how to look and combine. With the use of some elements such as necklaces, bags and others, you can give the touch of variety that your outfit needs.

On the other hand, we recommend that the garments be dark fabric if your goal is to look slimmer with this outfit.

8- Teenager

Finally, we must mention an outfit that, although it is simple, has increasingly had more room in fashion. These types of outfits make you look great at the same time that they are quite everyday. In this case, you do not need to try too hard to look great.

Take your favorite baggy shirt and wear it inside with baggy jeans and tennis shoes. You will look very fresh and jovial.

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