How to Avail Online Tailoring Services in India

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There are many tailoring services around the world. Each tailoring service focuses on a specific type of garment or certain types of designs or methods of making clothes. In addition, there is a section called bespoke tailoring amongst these many online tailoring services. 

Bespoke tailoring is where they make garments with the highest quality of materials, skills, and construction. Bespoke tailoring is all about using patterns and designs individually made or created every time. Measurements of the individual are taken with utmost precision so that the fit of the garment is perfect. 

When a person opts for bespoke tailoring or women’s tailoring, they will receive clothes with a proper fit, high-quality stitching, and suitable quality materials. There are women’s tailoring services that focus on bespoke tailoring. All the garments they make will be unique according to an individual’s preference. 

Many offline tailoring services provide women’s tailoring. Initially, there only used to be offline women’s tailoring services. People used to go to those shops, give their measurements and fabrics and discuss the design with the tailor. 

There used to be different types of women’s tailoring services. Not all tailoring services stitch all types of garments. For instance, one tailoring service would stitch blouses for you. 

There would be one to make gowns or dresses, one would be for children’s clothes, and one tailoring service would be for Kurtis or Salwars. There were rarely women’s tailoring services where one could get all types of garments stitched in one place. 

As years passed by and the world adapted to different changes. Bespoke tailoring or tailoring services also made changes. Now, there are online tailors and online tailoring services. 

From offline, they have moved tailoring services also to online tailoring platforms. Even in these online tailoring services, there are divisions. Some online tailors only stitch blouses, gowns, formal wear, or a specific type of womenswear. At the same time, some provide women’s tailoring for all kinds of garments. 

With these types of online tailoring services or online tailors who do women’s tailoring, you can communicate with them through their platform and get your desired dress stitched. 

There is an online tailoring service named CloudTailor. They do women’s tailoring for all forms of different garments. They aim to customise your outfits according to your needs, size, and style. 

You can even create your own outfit using their stellar DIY configurator. In addition, you can receive advice from experts to get a perfect outfit. Their online tailors are professionals and will help you have a smooth process while designing the dress. 

CloudTailor makes all sorts of garments. They do bespoke tailoring or women’s tailoring for blouses, Kurtis, salwar kameez, lehenga, churidars, dresses, tops, pants/trousers, shirts, skirts, shorts, jumpsuits, and jackets. They are a one-stop shop for your women’s tailoring needs. 

The features of this online tailoring service are that:

  • They send their online tailors to your place to take measurements, or you can send in your measurement.
  • You can give your fabric or buy fabric from their fabric marketplace.
  • Online tailor/designer experts are available to help you make your outfit.
  • They have on app video and audio chat facility available.
  • You can live track the process and when it will be delivered.
  • Finally, they deliver the final product to your house on time. 

The process of availing this online tailoring service in India is also simple.

  1.  First, you have to download the CloudTailor app.
  2.  Then, you have to create an account
  3.  on their app. After that, you have to choose the type of garment you want from bespoke tailoring or women’s tailoring. 
  4. Once you select the category, there will be three ways through which you can customise your garment.
    1. I know my design
    2. Design by myself
    3. Consult our designer
  5. If you pick option A, you can share the image reference of the design to your online tailor and add instructions. Later you will have to submit your measurement to your online tailor.
  6. Alternatively, suppose you chose blouses and picked option B. In that case, you will be able to select different blouse styles, types of collars, sleeves, wrist cuffs, back neck style, cut type, and the occasion you want this blouse for. Moreover, they will give you different options through which you can provide your measurements. You can even send in a reference image.
  7. Once you decide on the garment design and measurements, you will have to select the delivery date and place the order.
  8.  The online tailoring service will get back to you with the cost of the overall garment. 
  9. They even have easy online payment options available. 

To avail of this online tailoring service, you have to download the app from your app store. Bespoke tailoring, or women’s tailoring, is advancing and is becoming better day by day. Tailoring services are understanding what women need and are making changes accordingly. They are becoming flexible and more customer-oriented. 

Bespoke tailoring, or women’s tailoring, allows women to get clothes that perfectly fit their bodies. Online tailors or online tailoring gives women the luxury of getting custom-made clothes through apps and websites. 

Even though the cost might be a little more than off-the-rack clothes, you will be able to wear unique, perfectly fitting, high-quality garments that will last for a longer time. Use online tailoring and add a beautiful perfect outfit to your wardrobe.

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