How did anti-social social clubs get so popular?

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A new fashion world was born in early 2015 with the debut of the Anti-Social Social Club. Streetwear has managed to make its mark on the crowded Los Angeles market to achieve worldwide recognition. Neek Lurk, its founder, did not have ambitions for fame or fortune, but he still stumbled upon a way to build a profitable business around “negative stuff” such as mental health struggles and depression. Among the brand’s fans are Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, and Korean idols BTS. Online, its clothes and accessories are constantly sold out, and the designs and messages on its clothes and accessories are always discussed.

As a result of his interest in the streetwear scene, Neek joined Stussy. Starting out as a part-time employee, he quickly rose through the ranks, eventually becoming the general manager of Stussy’s Las Vegas store and, ultimately, its social media marketing manager.

Late in 2014 was the turning point for the brand. Neek got the idea for a hat after a painful breakup with a girl. “I Miss You,” he wrote on the front of the cap along with the logo for the Anti-Social Social Club.

The same logo was designed for 12 T-shirts by Neek at the beginning of 2015. The pictures were not even printed, but he created a Photoshop mock-up and posted it online, so people bought all 12 of them. After that, he decided to take over the business. In the beginning, it was personal friends that he was targeting, but, with time, these melancholic statements began resonating throughout Los Angeles. After that, Neek could not comprehend the reasons and how of the sudden tidal wave of hype that launched the Anti-Social Social Club to the forefront of streetwear.

As the products became increasingly popular and in demand, the brand expanded its offering to include T-shirts, hoodies, flannels, dad hats, and coach jackets.

Latest Anti-social social club hoodie collection 

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  • Anti-Social Social Club ASSC999 Hoodie
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Which quality make Antisocial hoodie popular

   1. Warmth

In a casual setting, and on numerous occasions, a good hoodie is perfect to wear. You can wear the Anti-social club hoodie during the winter while you are out in the city, but it is also perfect for a night at the beach in the summer when you are staying at a resort. Sometimes, a hoodie fits better than a knit sweater or dressy vest.


Furthermore, we highly suggest that you have an Antisocial Club hoodie with you when traveling, especially if you do not know what the weather will be like. A hoodie is a great option when traveling and you need to keep warm. In addition to getting instant warmth, your outfit can be heated without having to change clothes or transfer important items from one jacket to another. So, you’ll always be able to check what’s in the jacket that you were wearing a while ago, and know that it’s still there.

  1. Comfort

Another thing that Antisocial hoodies do is make your life much more comfortable. You can feel like you are wearing a blanket when you wear a hoodie that is soft, light, and warm, even if you’re not wearing one. Also, wearing a hoodie like the Anti-social social club rose, which has ears straps so you can wear your headphones with no worries about them falling off, can take your sports and jogging sessions to a whole new level of comfort.

  1. Versatility

In the event you find a hoodie that isn’t too sporty or too sweater-like, we are sure you will find that the Anti-social social club hoodie will go with almost anything. You can wear many types of pants with a hoodie, including jeans, khakis, and chinos – these are just a few examples. Antisocial Hoodies can be worn with a variety of different types of footwear, including sneakers and boat shoes. 

  1. Style

Stylish Anti-social Social Club ASSC999 Hoodie is a great addition to your wardrobe. As we mentioned in the previous section, a hoodie can be paired with a number of different clothes. If your hoodie isn’t too bulky, you can also wear it with a trench coat.  If you prefer, you can wear a hoodie with any other type of jacket, including a leather jacket. You should make sure the hoodie doesn’t hang too far over the leather jacket if you are wearing it with a hoodie. You can look smart when you wear an Anti-social hoodie. It is all a matter of finding the perfect hoodie that offers these advantages, and then you are set!

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