Home lifestyle Histar classroom|4 “points” you must avoid when selecting an indoor water park site.

Histar classroom|4 “points” you must avoid when selecting an indoor water park site.

Histar classroom|4 “points” you must avoid when selecting an indoor water park site.

With the rise of the water entertainment industry, many investors choose to invest in water parks, and the market and profits of indoor water parks have made them the favorite. Many self-employed people from all walks of life have joined the indoor water park industry.

Moreover, children are now exposed to many new things quickly, and it is not easy to attract children to your water park for a long time. Before opening an indoor water park, the first problem faced is the location of the indoor water park. Please pay attention to the following issues before choosing a site.

  • Image problem

Many investors often choose to open water parks in places with many tourists and dense populations. However, considering site selection solely from the perspective of return on investment may not necessarily maximize benefits. For indoor water parks that mainly operate children’s water supplies and children’s swimming services, they must not only consider the impact of location selection on the number of tourists, but also pay attention to its impact on the brand image, and create a unique image of their own water park to attract more of tourists and increase the repeat visit rate. For example, Chenzhou Animation Water World is a good example. It is located in the scenic area in the suburbs of Chenzhou. All passing tourists can check in. They can not only enjoy the local scenery but also experience the fun of playing in the water. It really kills two birds with one stone.

  • Too much pursuit of prime locations

Many investors have the mentality that they don’t want the treasure if they don’t want it. They believe that opening stores in downtown areas and commercial centers can drive sales with higher customer flow, so they must open stores in prime locations. In fact, not all shops in prime locations are suitable. The venue can produce expected benefits if it reaches a certain scale. Investors need to think twice before investing based on their own strength. Don’t pursue prime locations too much. Choose to be in the suburbs, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and relax. At the same time without being disturbed, why not do it?

  • Deviating from business circle positioning

When investors choose the location of an indoor water park, they should pay attention to the different layout of commercial outlets in each region. No matter where and what kind of industry is developed, every city has a long-term master plan, which is often ignored by many investments. When some investors open a store, they choose the wrong location and go against the trend. They often do not get the support of macro policies and the promotion of the general environment. They are thankless and can only choose to exit, and everything is in vain. Take the Ugly Duckling Water Park as an example. This water park was also built in the suburbs and became very popular when it opened. Therefore, you must put a lot of effort into selecting a location so that you can build a water park that combines entertainment and leisure.

  • Select areas of competitive saturation

Choosing a location where peers are too concentrated will lead to an oversaturated market. For example, multiple similar stores in the same business district may seem to be doing very well, but in fact they have reached the critical point of competitive balance. Every time a store is added, the market will It will become more saturated, leading to a situation where there are too many people and too little food. Even those who originally made money will start to lose money. Everyone can only start a price war, so avoid choosing areas with saturated competition.

After reading the above four points, everyone has some understanding of the location of the indoor water park. If you want to run a successful children’s water park, in addition to taking advantage of favorable geographical conditions, you also need appropriate marketing and marketing strategies, as well as advertising and public relations promotions. If you want to occupy the local market in a short period of time, you must establish a brand image of the indoor water park.


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