Perfect shoes and bags to pair your Thai outfits

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What perfect shoes and bags to pair your Thai outfits? It doesn’t matter if you’re going to Thailand for a beach holiday where you never leave the resort, city sightseeing, or an all-encompassing adventure; the most important thing to bring with you is a few pairs of shoes and ladies bags to pair your Thai outfits.

In this article, we will share you the perfect shoes and bags to pair your Thai outfits for elegant look. 

Flip-flops or sandals

To begin, it’s important to know that the heat in Thailand will cause your feet to swell. Nobody really knows how much, but you should anticipate having unusually puffy feet after a long flight, followed by feet that are “a bit bigger than usual” for the remainder of your trip.

If you try on shoes or ladies’ sandals in a location that is more moderate, it is unlikely that they would fit the same when you put them on in Thailand; therefore, your sandals will need to adjust to the environment there.

These supple and elastic yoga sling sandals are an excellent choice for the activity in question. They are also extremely comfortable, which contributes to their widespread popularity. 

The footbeds are constructed from recycled yoga mats, and the brand name “Sanuk” is derived from the Thai word for “joy.”

Slip-on shoes

Slip-on walking shoes are the greatest option for keeping your feet comfortable in the intense heat of Thailand if you plan on doing a lot of city strolling or sight-seeing while you’re there.

Flip-flops or sandals aren’t the best footwear choice for an itinerary that will require a lot of walking, so I’d suggest something like this instead.

Because its fabric is infused with some sort of anti-microbial science magic, these also satisfy the requirement that they be “excellent in hot weather.”

They are compliant with your “slip-on/slip-off” shoe rules as well, and as is the case with all footwear in Thailand, socks are not required to wear them.

Shoes that are not only simple to put on and take off but also don’t call for socks are ideal for wearing in Thailand.

Any of the aforementioned choices will adequately keep your feet cool and will ensure that you are comfortable even if your feet swell as a result of the hot weather in Thailand.

White sneakers will get dirty quickly on Thailand’s dusty roads, so if you want to wear canvas shoes, consider black or another dark color instead.

The fact that the mesh sneakers up there provide airflow is a significant advantage; get ready to have happy feet!


A pair of foldable gold comfortable flats is the Thailand-loves-shiny version of the black flats that are recommended on every minimalist packing list. If you aren’t sure of your itinerary and need a ‘just-in-case’ option, this is the pair of shoes to bring with you.

Do you see yourself standing in an elevator of a hotel changing out of your flip-flops and into these shoes? You wouldn’t be the first person to do so because they are the perfect size for carrying in a pocketbook.

Depending on your preferences, a small cushion insert can transform flats into a much more comfortable proposal. However, this will vary from person to person.

If we take Bangkok as an example, almost every surface there is hard and unforgiving, yet a trip to an island can mean that your shoes be thrown away as soon as the party gets to the beach.


Be careful because of the heat in Thailand, your feet will swell, therefore you should avoid wearing shoes that have a lot of straps. In an ideal world, the dress shoes you wear to work would have a stable base and enough of room for your feet to breathe. In the name of style, don’t fall flat on your face.

The most appropriate footwear for formal occasions in Thailand, in my opinion, is a pair of strong wedges, unless you are a heel expert.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in Bangkok or a beach town; the sidewalks are likely to be uneven, the lights might be spotty, and the surfaces might be as slick as Teflon.

You should be prepared to walk on at least one tile floor that is still wet, as well as many marble surfaces. 

Both of the alternatives to the wedge that are located up top have soles that are constructed out of rubber and have features that give them a gripping quality. 

You should leave behind any footwear that you are now wearing that has a smooth sole because it will not serve you well on the journey.

Should you even bother packing dress shoes if you’re going to Thailand? Once more, it is dependent on the plans that you have.

In most cases, no, although Thailand is known for its exciting nightlife and its high-end restaurants, which both require appropriate attire. You are aware because you have watched the movie or read the book Crazy Rich Asians.

Bags to pair your Thai outfits

People enjoy experimenting with different combinations of styles and aesthetics, and as a result, we are introducing new designs that are inspired by the workmanship of Thailand.

Utilizing Thai textiles is not actually all that tough. You might begin by selecting accessories, such as a Thai cloth handbag to use, because it is simple to combine with different outfits.

Nevertheless, it is essential to decide on a design that is both contemporary and of high quality. The everyday appearance for women is typically pretty simplistic.

The majority of women prefer to wear jeans and a T-shirt with an edgy blazer. This look can be accessorized with a compact boxy-shaped bag in a dark color with a neutral fabric design to go with denim, as denim goes well with dark colors.

Because the dress worn to work should be more traditional and refined, a handbag with a darker tone and a more contemporary pattern is the best option for achieving a more professional appearance.

We would propose a colorful clutch with a cross-shoulder chain for the modern woman who is always on the go. This is because a tiny purse is all that is needed to carry a phone, a passport, and some small makeup things.

And last, an evening dress can be accessorized with a ladies’ handbag made of Ikat silk that has a design and color that is sophisticated.

When taking care of things made from silk, you should always avoid humidity, since this can cause the natural fiber to become damaged. After using it, place it in a dry bag and make sure the seal is tight.

You might begin by wearing it for formal events or mixing and matching it with other pieces before eventually adapting it to the way you style your outfits.

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